The Plan

The idea for a new kind of resort on Bunaken was born in 2004. That time a lot of the existing resorts on the island were either low budget or dive resorts. This left an oppurtunity to cater to the upcoming market of non - diving guests who wanted more hotel facilities and a little luxury. At the same time there was an ever growing group of divers who besides diving also wanted these extra's. Added to that we also decided to create a resort with attention to detail and mostly Indonesian architecture and art.


Building of the resort started in february 2005 with the restaurant, dive centre and three wooden beachview cottages built in Woloan Minahasa style and later adding more cottages and the swimmingpool. The last 2 years we are concentrating in adding more facilities like for example the spa building, bar, terrace, sundeck and reading corner. All the cottages were also upgraded with better furniture, larger bathrooms with hot water shower and the gardenview cottages with optional airconditioning.


The Future

The next 2 years we will further develop the style of the resort and architectural features. Also the general operating facilities will be further upgraded and the move to a more eco-friendly resort.


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