Environmentally friendly

It is easy to put eco in front of a resort name, but it is more difficult to actually decrease the impact a resort has on it's environment. At The Village Resort we are very aware of our privileged location within the Bunaken National park and therefore we continue to innovate and find new ways to lessen our impact. Here are our achievements so far:

  • Saving electricity where we can. We only use power saving CFL and LED lights and low energy airconditioners. This allows us to use smaller generators, which translates into less fuel comsumption and CO2 output.
  • Heating water with the sun. A new central solar heating system we developed ourselves is providing hot water for showers in 80% of the cottages and rooms.
  • Recyling and waste management. Garbage is seperated in organic, which is composted, and non organic. The latter is used as a backup to heat water in our own incinerator. Bottles and cans are returned for recycling.
  • We have replaced most of our 2 stroke outboard engines with cleaner 4 strokes.
  • The use of less wood in constructing the resort. Other resorts claim the use of natural materials, forgetting that they cut down forests to make their cottages. Already after one year the same amount of forest takes out the CO2 of the cement production. Not yet mentioning the high maintenance (replacement) of wood. The Village Resort does use coconut wood which is a fast growing tree and abundant.
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