For freshly married couples Bunaken is a great destination for your honeymoon. Quiet beaches with swaying palmtrees and the exotic atmosphere makes it a dream destination for many. Our free* Honeymoon package includes the following:

- Romantic room decoration
- Welcome drink
- Private candle light dinner for two on your porch or at a location of your choice
- Small wedding cake
- 50% discount for 2 person on the first 1 hour massage in the Syandana Spa

*only when staying a minimum of 5 nights and after presenting a copy of the marriage certificate.


Our first underwaterwedding is a fact and a big succes as well. On the date mentioned above Arie and Kim from the Netherlands married underwater. The ceremony, which was led by a minister, lasted for more than half an hour and was attended by the other guests, the diving staff and the local marine life. After the ceremony the newlyweds made a second dive in full wedding attire. The next day the news was on the frontpage of all 3 local newspapers. The Village Resort wishes them lots of happiness together!

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