Where are we?

The resort is located in North Sulawesi on an island called Bunaken of the coast of Manado city. You can find us on the east coast halfway up Pangalisang beach. Click the white square on the map to zoom in.

Sulawesi is still mostly undeveloped and therefore boasts some stunning natural scenery. From mountainous areas of unexplored jungle to uninhabited islands with pristine coralreefs. You will find exotic cultures, like the Toraja and Bugis people, and big modern cities like Makassar and Manado.

The highlights of North Sulawesi are the Tankoko National Park where you can see many local wildlife, like for example the famous Tarsier. Also the Minahasa highlands are a must visit, where around Tomohon you can see Minahasa culture and on Tondano lake taste their traditional cuisine. For the more adventurous there are several volcanoes with different difficulty levels to climb.

For underwater beauty there are multiple options as well. Besides the Bunaken National Park, well known for it's amazing steep walls of coral and abundant fishlife, there is also the Bangka island group and famous muck diving in Lembeh street.

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