Massage therapy

The Syandana spa specializes in several kinds of massage, which are carried out by skilled and experienced massage therapists. Besides the traditional, relaxing and thai massage also hot stone and Bali Boreh massage therapy are available. Not only easing tension and increasing flexibility of the muscles, but also specific pain relief and revitalising tired muscles are some of the many benefits of a good massage. Other areas of the body positively influenced are the improved blood and lymphatic circulation and invigoration of the nervous system.

Essential Massage oils

Except Thai massage, all forms of massage therapy use a massage oil. They come in many variations and at the Syandana Spa you have the choice between the following quality essential oils: Sandalwood, Jasmine, Green tea, Lotus, Lavender, Cempaka, Coconut and Frangipani oil. Together with the therapist you can decide which one suits you the most.

Reflexology foot massage

Through applying pressure to points on the foot the therapist can find problem areas in the body and restore the blocked energy flow, creating instant relief.

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